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Vertical Reflexology (VRT) Techniques by founder Lynne Booth can be seen here:

Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) is a remarkable reflexology discovery for treating common conditions where the dorsal foot or hand reflexes are treated for a short while, while weight bearing. I incorporate VRT into most Reflexology treatments and as the reflexes (anatomical nerves) are sensitised when weight-bearing, the therapeutic response often appears to be increased.

VRT to ease pain and increase function. Acclaimed VRT weight-bearing and movement techniques to target the Sciatic/Hamstring/Piriformis and Psoas muscles/Lower lumbar spine, Groin & Hip Flexors and Head & Neck reflexes plus the unique VRT Spinal Wrist Twist technique.

A clinical trial and feedback from practitioners and clients have shown that VRT:

Gives deeper access to reflex points so that the treatment is more effective than stand alone conventional reflexology

Enhances and complements reflexology treatments

Provides access to many new reflex points including reflexes for stimulating the immune system and thoracic calf reflexes to help support chest congestion and ease back pain

Makes it easier and more effective to treat yourself

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I love this picture taken with Lynne Booth, after an advanced Masterclass with her last Summer


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